Mystery shopping

a moment of truth about what is happening in the interaction between your employees and customers


Mystery shopping your own stores

We check if your service standards are fully implemented at all contact points with your customers.


  • At your points of sale with personal visits
  • With purchases in your online store (e-mystery shopping)
  • At other contact points on the internet (e.g. in chat rooms, through contact forms)
  • By obtaining information or offers via e-mail
  • By calling your points of sale or call centres
  • By receiving calls from your sellers or call centres
  • By sending or receiving items by classic mail

We check individual contact points or their combination which forms a multichannel experience of your customers.


Competitive Mystery Shopping

We help you to find out what and how the competition offers their customers.


  • What does their service/offer include?
  • What kind of sales approach do they have?
  • What is their price and discount policy?
  • How do they try to sell more to customers (cross-sell, up-sell)?
  • What is their response time?
  • How well do they perform call-back?
  • In what context do they mention/represent your business or brand

For this purpose, we use personal visits, calls, contacts via electronic media or a combination of them.


Market research

Market research complements or upgrades the results of mystery shopping.


Based on the business problem we are solving, we help you choose the most appropriate methodology (for an individual contact point) and the method of carrying out the research (qualitative, quantitative…).


Temidia is a mystery shopping specialist who helps you improve the experience of your customers at all contact points and close the gap between the service you conceived and the services your customers actually receive.

Why work with us

  • Because we listen to you and adapt our approach to your specifics – and we do not proceed only from the general characteristics of the sales process, but from your standards
  • Because we advise you on how to optimize the mystery shopping program – since we have many years of experience and knowledge
  • Because we help you set standards – and prepare the materials to communicate them to employees
  • Because we ensure objectivity of evaluations – as we respect the professional and ethical principles of the MSPA
  • Because we do not provide only data – but also comprehensive reviews and recommendations, and we also advise you on how to deal with processing personal data of employees
  • Because we can also help you with linking the information – since knowledge and experience in market research enables us to help you build a complete picture by linking internal and external data (e.g. satisfaction surveys, employee ratings…)
  • Because we love what we do – and we contribute to a better quality of service and improved satisfaction of your customers smile

Our approach

We adapt to the specifics of your business and your contact points with customers to the greatest extent possible, and do not proceed only from standardized questionnaires and general characteristics of the purchasing process (in your sector). We are aware of the importance of the usefulness of findings at the operational level, but we also encourage their use at the strategic level. We therefore guide and support you in 7 steps from defining the objectives to the implementation of measures.

  1. Setting objectives
  2. Project plan
  3. Project implementation
  4. Reporting
  5. Findings analysis and action plan preparation
  6. Employee involvement
  7. Implementation of measures

Temidia in numbers

  • Established in 2006
  • Member of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) since 2008
  • Already cooperated with over 250 customers
  • Over 600 educated mystery shoppers
  • Own mystery shoppers in 4 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 80 % of mystery shoppers aged between 25 and 50 years
  • Over 3,000 evaluations each year


Temidia, d.o.o.
Zagrebška cesta 25
2000 Maribor


Phone: +386 41 643 222

VAT number: SI64619427